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Best Friends

Helping therapists and counselors be ethical advocates for their clients and their pets

Courses, education, and support around Emotional Support Animal letter writing

Stay Tuned for 2024 Class Dates

Don't end up in the Dog House when it comes to writing ethical ESA letters...

You may be asking yourself:

How do you write the letter to follow guidelines?

Is this in your scope of practice?

What about your client? (Who you just want to help keep their companion)

We are here to help answer those questions.

We have created a course to help you not only understand how to write a letter, but also legal, ethical, and animal welfare considerations that come with it.


It will allow you to meet your clients unique needs, without risking your license. You will also learn how to be an advocate for the furry companions your clients love.

Basics of Emotional Support Animal Letter Writing is approved as a live webinar for 4 CEUs meeting the ethics requirement for the Ohio CSWMFT Board. Approval of the program is from 8/19/2022 to 8/31/2023 #MCST08223932

Stay Tuned for 2024
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What You Will Learn

This class is a comprehensive breakdown of what you need to know and consider while working with clients needing or requesting an Emotional Support Animal Letter.


Ethical and Legal Considerations

We will cover:

  •  What is your liability?

  • Should an ESA letter be used as an intervention for your client?

  • The ESA "Bill of Rights"

  • Emotional Support Animal vs Service Animal

  • Laws surrounding Fair Housing 

  • Can an ESA be asked to leave a rental or dorm?

  • Why isn't an ESA letter a one off assessment?

  • Best practices based on research


Letter Writing Basics

We will Go Over:

  • What an ESA letter is and what it is not.

  •  How to assess for need and fit for client and pet.

  • What needs to be included in an Emotional Support Animal letter.

  • Diagnostic Criteria 

  • How to document

  • Easy to use templates for documentation and letter writing


You will receive a checklist and a template for your letters that you can use for your next client.


The Human-Animal Bond

You will Learn

  • The benefits of having pets.

  • The history of human animal relationships.

  • Get an understanding of how animals learn and why it matters to your client.

  • Why it's key to link with an animal professional.

  • The latest research on the Human-Animal Bond

  • Why their voice matters in the letter writing process

Questions? Email Me

Sarah Newcomer, MS IMFT

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