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Basics of Emotional Support Animal Letter Writing

Learn clinical and ethical considerations, legalities, and assessment for writing an Emotional Support Animal letter.

Course Length: 3 hours
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Transform caution into confidence with ethical, legal Emotional Support Animal letter writing!

Taught by a therapist with a decade of animal training experience, this course offers a comprehensive overview of the key knowledge and considerations for assisting clients with Emotional Support Animal (ESA) letters.

The course includes 3 hours of video learning and 15 comprehensive modules, plus one testing module. It incorporates best practices, emerging guidelines, and detailed analyses of legal and ethical considerations. It also comes with a comprehensive course workbook full of templates, checklists, documentation guidelines, and policy examples. The course is designed to equip participants with the knowledge to make informed and ethical decisions for clients and their pets, so they can see clients tomorrow.

Topics Covered

  • Laws surrounding Emotional Support Animals
  • Best Practices and Guidelines from Research
  • Ethical Concerns and Risks
  • Human-Animal Bond and the impact on Client and Pet relationship
  • Understanding your Scope of Practice
  • Disability Determination and Assessment
  • How to partner with an Animal Professional
  • The Art of "Saying No": What to do when they do not qualify
  • Licensing Board Guidance
  • How to write a compliant ESA Letter that follows FHA and local state laws
  • AND MORE....

The Course Objectives
After this training you will be able to...

Compare the classifications of Service Animals, Therapy Animals, and Emotional Support Animals.

Identify one (1) Federal law that impacts Emotional Support Animals.
Integrate the FHA requirements into an Emotional Support Animal Letter
Summarize the limits of clinician’s scope of practice when writing ESA letters. 

Apply at least three (3) best practice approaches to crafting Emotional Support Animal letters. 

Evaluate potential risks of an ESA letter that can impact clients and the clinician’s practice

Consider client’s functioning in disability determination for an ESA accommodation.

Apply FHA standards to understand what can disqualify an ESA accommodation. 

Participants will receive a certificate of completion after 80% passing score on the exam.

Course Freebie: Get client-ready tomorrow with our course companion Workbook!

Enroll in the Basics of ESA Letter Writing course and receive a comprehensive 51-page workbook! This invaluable resource is packed with everything you need to know to help you retain clients and start assisting them immediately.

Inside the workbook, you'll find tools you can use right away to enhance your practice and better serve your clients:
  • Practice Policy Templates: Get Prepared to see Clients
  • Checklists: Stay Organized and Efficient
  • Client Handouts: Informative and User-Friendly
  • Documentation Resources: Note Templates and Questions to Ask
  • Letter Template: Legal and Ethical Compliance Made Easy
  • Federal & State Legal Info: Instant Access to Key Laws
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Equip yourself with the essential tools to ensure ethical and legal practices in writing ESA letters, and start seeing clients as soon as tomorrow.

Course contents

Former Dolphin Trainer turned Therapist

Sarah Newcomer, MS IMFT 

With decades of experience working with animals in the marine mammal and zookeeping field, Sarah now leverages her extensive background to educate therapists on how to best support their clients and their pets. Her unique expertise bridges the gap between animal care and therapeutic practice, offering invaluable insights for those in the field.
"When we write ESA letters, we must go beyond merely considering our clients; we must also honor the needs and motivations of their beloved pets. These animals provide unconditional love and support to our clients. By embracing this holistic approach, we not only uplift the lives of our clients but also ensure the well-being of their cherished companions."

- Sarah Newcomer, MS IMFT 

Owner and Instructor 
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